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Designing a stand alone product for an authentication service for businesses


Worldwide communication giant Exotel created a dynamic sub-brand called Exoverify to club together several offerings for businesses. These services, nOTP, SMS OTP and Voice OTP help businesses authenticate consumers and weed out bots and unverified users. NOCT was tasked with creating a robust system and interface for Exoverify that would appeal to its enterprise customers.


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Higher authentication success rates and CSAT scores

Exoverify helps businesses (and their respective customers) avoid the ever-so-annoying OTP loop. The innovative product, nOTP, enhances security and ensures seamless, quick verification. nOTP eliminates the need for action from consumers, making it a convenient, easy to use alternative to traditional SMS OTP authentication, and boasts higher success rates and Customer Satisfaction scores.

Exoverify - revamped for modern verification

In the past, nOTP, SMS OTP and Voice OTP were standalone products. Exoverify combines all these authentication services in a brand new product, under the Exotel umbrella.

Led by a keen understanding of user friendly Information Architecture and a penchant for clean design, NOCT designed a practical, easy to navigate system and interface for Exoverify that would appeal to today’s technology-forward businesses.


Empowering supervisors with an intuitive dashboard

To drive functionality and improve user experience, NOCT designed a robust dashboard that capitalised on the rich data available. Clean, minimal design that incorporates visualisations paired with an analytical information structure means that businesses can get right into the bone of the matter - presented in a clear, concise manner on their screens.

Swift onboarding with 23% less setup time

NOCT reduced Exoverify’s set-up to an easy 3 step process! No time and effort wasted, Exoverify’s app setup flow is simple and straight to the point. The consumer feeds in their email ID and password, and the credentials allow them to integrate the Exoverify app with an existing product.

Monitoring usage with insights and reports

We understood that no one wants to sift through piles of data to analyse it. Our first task at hand was to step into the client’s shoes to identify data markers that were relevant to Exoverify’s clients. Parameters such as country of usage, verification statistics and success rates were then organised and presented in a concise, tabular format.

Exoverify’s dashboard was designed for ease of use, allowing businesses to view and understand their data, as well as create and customise reports as per specific requirements.

A fresh new visual language

Starting from the basics, NOCT created a brand new visual design system for Exoverify. Elements such as brand colours, font, style and icons were all taken into consideration. This not only made the system more visually appealing, but it added to its user-friendliness and improved functionality for businesses.

The impact story

The thoughtful design decisions made by NOCT made Exoverify more consumer and business friendly than ever before. This left a lasting impact on Exoverify and the businesses that have adopted its products. Exoverify’s revenue jumped up and organisations working with Exotel also noticed exponential growth.

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