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Design Process:
User Experience Design
Branding & Communication

We follow a human centered approach to user experience design and use design thinking to solve problems. We build things in sprints, design quick, lean and adapt fast.


You give us a brief, and we dive deep into it.

Research & Discovery

In order to gain a deeper, more meaningful understanding of your current product, end users and competitors, we dig deep to find insights that ensure maximum value for your users

Ideation & Strategy

We draw insights from collected data to create a strategic product roadmap, with unique features & functionality, to solve real problems.


The most tangible part of our process! Now is when we use all our research and ideation, to establish an interface for your product, which is not only incredibly easy to use, but also brings joy to those using it.

Development Support

While the dev team starts bringing the product to life, we play a support role and guide them to ensure that the final design is executed as intended, from start to finish - until the product is shipped.

Testing & Improvement

Once the product has been shipped to its first beta users, we monitor the usage to identify any design gaps we can fill & make improvements.