NOCT | Design Facilitation
Network of Creative Thinkers
Design Facilitation

Utilise the power of design thinking in your organisation

When facilitating, we encourage an analytical approach to design thinking and observation. We help your team build the capacity to dissect problems, and discover creative solutions, all while making conscious and autonomous decisions.

Design Workshops for Children

The wonderful diverse world of design can truly expand a child’s mind - from sharpening creative sensibilities to boosting problem solving skills.

Innovation Jam

An Innovation Jams brings together the right minds to generate a variety of solutions to a specific problem, over the course of a day.

Design Hackathons

A fast paced, short duration competitive event to innovate and find solutions for problem areas in the business, facilitated by NOCT.

Design Sprints

A 5-day process to find answers for critical business questions through brainstorming, design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.