NOCT | Design Sprints
Network of Creative Thinkers
Design Sprints

A 5-day process to find answers for critical business questions through brainstorming, design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Duration :

5 Days

Team Size :

5-8 People

Why should we do a design sprint?
Focus on your users

Tackle consumers’ concerns head-on. Generate ideas for products and services based on what users need.

Consider all perspectives

A sprint brings members from different teams together and everyone has a say. A solution is inspected by members of different departments, and fine tuned.

No time lost in translation

In a span of 5 days, teams have to build working prototypes, hear what users have to say and effectively address concerns raised during testing.

In-house solutions

No one knows your customer better than your team. Instead of bringing a third party in, we amass all the wealth of information your team has and dive into solutions.

Bring teams together

Sharing ideas, skills and learnings, teams work together towards solutions which naturally builds trust and confidence.

Here’s how this works:
Day 0: Pre-Preparation

A Sprint Master from the NOCT team ideates on the problems that need to be tackled, invites members from the participating organisation and gathers resources. The Sprint Master is the workshop facilitator, and ensures the session runs smoothly.

Day 1: Understand

All stakeholders share their ideas and user learnings. This helps teams identify challenges and expand their knowledge of the problem area.

Day 2: Ideate

Participants think of all possible solutions. The Sprint Master organises brainstorming and ideation exercises to spark divergent ideas.

Day 3: Define

Participants weigh the pros and cons to refine ideas and after deliberation, converge on the most effective solutions.

Day 4: Prototype

Teams build realistic but quick & dirty prototypes, investing the least amount of money, time and resources. Fast and furious!

Day 5: Test

Prototypes are put to the test. The Sprint Master invites users to test the products and provide feedback.

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