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Between the blurring lines of the real and the virtual, our attempt is to create a virtual network of creative thinkers who can collaborate on the move and work flexibly without relying on cityscapes or office spaces.

How we operate
Studio in the Hills

Located in the quaint hill station of Panchgani away from the bustling city, we've created a studio space in the midst of nature. We drawn inspiration and motivation from our surroundings for out of the box creative thinking and problem solving.

Community Events

Community events are a means to bring about a sharing of ideas and experiences and a meaningful discourse within our core team and network, and also involve the local community.

Projects from around the globe

Our clients and projects are not geographically bound to India, and are spread out across the globe, which enables opportunities to collaborate with cross-cultural teams and exposure to the international design scene.

Virtual Workspace

Although our mothership lies in the hills of Panchgani, the boundaries of our team span across the world as remote individuals, virtually connected through online workspaces and collaboration platforms like Notion, Slack, Gmail, Miro.

Cross Disciplinary Teams

Ours is a living, breathing network of individuals with diverse skills, experience and perspectives, who come together as custom teams to bring a fresh energy and spirit of collaboration to every project.

High quality clients

Quality always wins over quantity- we like working with select and distinct clients in order to go in-depth and produce well-thought-out, high quality work that also pushes us to grow by the day.

Design Critiques

We have design reviews every week, where we present the work we've done to receive constructive feedback. This enables every NOCT member to grow by gaining fresh perspectives from other creative minds.

Experienced Leads & Mentors

Our project leads are experienced designers and domain experts, which creates great mentoring opportunities for junior designers to learn on the job without a strict hierarchical structure within the team.