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We believe in partnerships; we work with you and your team to design things that outlive our engagement and are built to last.

Research & Strategy

Understanding and defining things clearly is the key to analysis and decision making for strong strategy and meaningful design.

User Research

Conducting user research via qualitative interviews, surveys, click analysis, journey & empathy mapping, A/B testing, etc. to understand the user's behaviours, needs and motivations.

Product Strategy

Developing a high-level plan describing what your business hopes to achieve with its product, and how it plans to do so. This is brought to life through the product road map.

Brand Strategy

Devising a cohesive brand strategy to enable clear, consistent and engaging communication with the target group to make the bran recognisable and cohesive across all mediums.

Innovation Consulting

Conducting design thinking workshops with brainstorming exercises and other tools to equip teams and individuals with creative problem solving skills and make the work process easier and more efficient.

Digital Product Design

We make digital more human by crafting websites and products that bring delight to both people and the organisations behind them.

User Experience & Interface

Designing intuitive user-centric experiences by following the best practices to improve interaction, usability and perceptions through lucid flows, intuitive interfaces that embrace the brand's personality.

Enterprise UX

Curating seamless experiences for digital enterprise products and simplifying their day-to-day critical activities into digestible bits of information.

Web & Mobile Apps

Building user-friendly, engaging and aesthetic consumer apps to improve conversions and increase customer engagement. Our capabilities encapsulate designing mobile apps, web applications, or multi-platform digital experiences.

Marketing Websites

Creating engaging marketing websites by blending user experience and brand storytelling to incorporate seamless and interactive interfaces that are responsive and feel at home on any device.

Design Systems

Assimilating a well documented source of truth for all the elements of an interface together to ensure a strong shared language within the team to enable easy collaboration and communication.

Brand & Communication

Creating a brand is like building a human and communicating as a brand is like being true to its nature.

Logo & Identity

Defining a brand's core identity, combining it's cerebral and visceral elements, including its personality, voice, logo, colors, typography and imagery.


Brainstorming extensively to identify that one unique name that differentiates a brand from its competitors and reflects the right vibe that resonates with its identity.

Packaging Design

Creating powerful and attractive packaging experiences that capture the essence of a product and influence the consumer's buying impulse.

Motion Graphics & Video

Crafting customised animation, motion graphics and video content with our digital storytelling skills to trigger engagement and take your business to new heights.

Event Branding

Establishing successful event identities that reflect its purpose and values with the target audience. This encompasses all visual aspects of the brand, spaces and installations carried through all communication for a cohesive experience.

UX Design Audit
Don't know where to start with your product, or not sure how to take it forward? We can help.
Brand Audit
Not sure how your brand is performing or if everything is in line with your vision? Let us help you find out
We understand your challenges
My digital product requires a facelift

We helped DMart assess and refresh its web and mobile experiences from a user point of view, beginning with a heuristic analysis and going into a complete redesign of its inner workings and visual aspects. We successfully cut down the checkout flow to 3 steps for a user and introduced a one-click checkout for returning users.

I need to build and launch a new product from scratch

We created Opso from ground up, starting with nomenclature, brand and identity and designing the product MVP from scratch, continuing into redefining it when it pivoted and continuing to develop it since. This project is currently ongoing as retainer where we continue to make improvements and add features as it grows, from an agile and user centric point of view.

I need to improve the overall user experience of my product

We reconstructed Exotel's existing information architecture and categorised modules based on functionality to lay the foundation for making it a highly scalable product and make navigation easier for users. The app was also given a visual refresh for a more user-friendly and aesthetic design.

I need to pivot or build a brand from scratch

We helped Soulskill rename and rebrand themselves when they pivoted industries and brought in the unique USP of introducing the 'soul' aspect into recruitment. We designed the brand identity to appeal to the human side and fit in with its new ethos and avatar which was communicated through all visual elements and other aspects of the brand.

I'm organising an event that needs a brand identity and collaterals

We conceptualised and designed the identity of the Karvi Festival based on its core values which resonated through all its communication virtually and in situ through the collaterals and spatial design. Visitors could connect with the ethos of the festival through every related experience.

My product requires a unique identity to stand out on the shelves

We created a unique brand with a quirky bear mascot and fun packaging for Sparky, an upcoming spicy candy to enable it to stand out from its competitors in the market. The weirdly relatable mascot was designed to be bold and engaging by appealing to the humorous side of consumers.

I need to convey what my product does in a clear & concise manner

We conceptualised, scripted and created an animated explainer video for Shareconomy to comprehensively describe what it does in under 3 minutes. This was used on their website and extensively by their sales teams to onboard new clients in a quick and efficient manner.

I need a common thread to connect all my sub brands to the parent brand

We designed a common pack KLD with a unique ‘Mapro Signature’ to connect all the candy products made by Mapro under one umbrella, while upholding the unique individual identities of the sub-brands. We additionally designed the new sub brand packs as per this.

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