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Building a soulful start-up for recruitment


SoulSkill is a start-up, a job search engine with a difference - it helps job seekers find opportunities that are the perfectly matched to their personality, disposition and career goals, i.e. it helps applicants find their dream job.


Brand & Identity

Social Media

Brand Strategy

Website Design




We were tasked with the entire spectrum of brand building - from naming the start-up, to defining its brand personality and visual identity and finally creating the public-facing website.

Why the name Soulskill?

We made a list of keywords that applied to the brand and distilled it down to a combination of ‘soul’ and ‘skill’. Thus, SoulSkill came into being, representing a harmony between who a person is (soul) and their strengths or attributes (skills); the perfect name for this portal.

Nomenclature Evolution

A visually strong brand & identity

Our aim was to make consumers associate SoulSkill with youthfulness, dynamism and expertise in recruitment. We, accordingly, created an identity that was approachable and zestful.

A logo that defines the brand's purpose

SoulSkill’s logo is a fusion of a heart and the navigation icon, both very recognisable visual symbols. This signifies ‘find what you truly love’, with the tip tilting off-balance in likeness to true north. We chose a font that personified clarity and simplicity, a block letter type that was legible with the rounded form lending warmth and dynamism to the text. The bold and cheerful orange, one of the primary brand colours, emulates a sense of energy, adventure and youthfulness.

Logo formats - Horizontal and Vertical
Logomark derivation
Typeface and colour palette

An 'Approachable Mentor' personality

Experiences - Warm - Helpful

SoulSkill’s brand personality is based on that of the approachable mentor - a guide who brings the wisdom of experience, and also speaks the language of the youth. Never preachy or overbearing, the guide leads people towards the right path in a fair and unbiased manner.

Brand Tagline

An illustrative visual identity

SoulSkill’s visual story employs an entirely illustrative style, based on the rounded look of the logo, with simple web-friendly vectors. We chose to go with a strong, bold and minimal style, where forms are symmetrical geometric colour blocks, without outlines or finer details; and shadows are illustrated in dual tones. The human experience is crucial to SoulSkill’s visual identity. Either a human was illustrated or human presence was symbolised in all illustrations.

Character Illustration Style
Ways to show human presence

Crafting the brand collaterals

We drafted a comprehensive brand guideline for the brand that explained its visual identity in depth, for all designers and agencies to use in the future. We designed customised stationery including visiting cards and letterheads for official use.

Brand Guideline
Brand Collaterals

Social Media

We were tasked with defining SoulSkill’s social media presence and creating key visual frames and cover images for all social media platforms that SoulSkill would be on. The client gave us a list of content categories, for instance recruitment and testimonials, and we designed templates that could be easily edited and posted.

Facebook Page
Social Media Hiring and Testimonial Template


We designed key visual templates that could be easily customised, including thumbnails and covers for SoulSkill’s podcasts.

Podcast Covers


Portals for different users

Both job-seekers and recruiters are essential to SoulSkill’s ecosystem. The website accordingly has two different home pages for each of these audiences, with the relevant content.

Homepage - Seeker and Employer Portal

An interactive form to know the applicant

The most extensive task on the website was designing an interactive recruitment form that job seekers would fill out in order to help SoulSkill create a detailed profile of each job seeker. The form was comprehensive, introspective and succinct; crafted to match SoulSkill’s branding.

Interactive Form design