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Designing a product website to make milk exciting for kids


Strawfit’s delicious milk flavouring straws transform the taste of regular milk when sipped and add extra nutrients to it.

As their designers, our task was to create an exciting website that would appeal to parents and help them convince young children to give milk another chance. The website would have to intrigue a child’s sensibilities through its playful and exciting visuals and pique a parent’s interest by emphasising on health and wellness.


Brand Strategy






A striking homepage that unfurls like a story book

The look of wonder when a child turns the pages of a story book - we wanted to recreate that with the Strawfit website. ‘Milking’ the elements of surprise and playfulness, the homepage presents new elements with the help of interactive animations and parallax scrolling as the user advances.

The home page design showcases Strawfit’s journey from pack to glass. The aim was, firstly, to immerse consumers into this process so that they too, could imagine themselves using Strawfit; and secondly, to lead them to the ecommerce store where they could purchase Strawfit.

Visual Storytelling

Strawfit’s website employs a clear cut yet fun-loving tone for consumers to understand the ins and outs of the product, focusing on its health benefits, advantages and ease of use. The design is cheerful and vibrant, inspired by children’s books and illustrations.

We designed a fantasy world for Strawfit, replete with idyllic sceneries of vibrant meadows and farms as the backdrop, derived from its connection with milk.

Is it milk, or magic?

We played around with the concept of magic throughout the website, highlighting how Strawfit was like a wand that transformed ordinary milk into a yummy flavoured beverage, like magic!

Small elements play a big role

The Strawfit website is interspersed with engaging micro animations, playful illustrations and pleasing motion design to highlight the joy and fun Strawfit brings to life. The feel-good design incorporates lively colours, simple unpretentious forms and interactive animations to emulate Strawfit’s qualities of straightforward fun.

Keep it simple and informative

Today, parents are busy and constantly on-the-go. They want clear and concise information and superfluous details or vague promises lack appeal. Since, Strawfit is a novel innovation for children, we wanted it to do all the talking. We accordingly chose language that was cheery and easy to understand, and used infographics that parents could take to immediately.

Screenshot of the Benefits page
Screenshot of the About Us page
About Us

A seamless e-commerce experience

To create a hassle-free ecommerce experience, we employed Shopify’s backend CMS and incorporated design elements that tied in with Strawfit’s branding. Users could see the contents of their cart with ease and quickly shop their selections and the payment process was reduced to two brief steps to make the shopping experience swift and gratifying.