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Creating playful, ‘kawaii’ packaging for a legacy jelly candy


Fruity Sweets is an established, well-known fruit flavoured jelly brand by Mapro that needed a complete packaging design overhaul to fit into the current market and make it more premium.


Brand Strategy





We needed to redesign the packaging of Fruity Sweets with a new look that would be consumer friendly, premium looking and eye-catching. It was important to have visual cues that old consumers could easily recognise as the same product. Lastly, the new packaging needed to be applied over the Mapro signature standee pouch design used for all other Mapro candy products.


Drawing inspiration from the candy itself

Keeping Fruity Sweets’ cuboid shape in mind, we came up with a youthful, zesty design that infused life into the candy. With the new generation of kids and consumers in mind, we chose an illustration style that is fun and lends character to the pack.

Creating fruity characters for the brand

We created block shaped characters that were similar in form to the candy for each Fruity Sweets flavour, adopting a carefree, appealing, easy-to-love aesthetic. Each variant, however, had distinct attributes inspired by the ingredient, like the shape of the sepal or leaf, hinting at what was in it.

A quirky kawaii illustration style

We chose a we chose a playful and charming ‘kawaii’ style to appeal to the young, new-age audiences. Motifs and textures in the background added a mild depth and created a feeling of celebration. For an added dose of whimsy, the main illustration portrayed the Fruity Sweets’ characters stacked on top of each other forming a sweet pyramid. This also allowed for the possibility of different playful formations to be used later for communications or variants.

Candy shaped window

From our consumer research we inferred that customers prefer to catch a glimpse of the actual candy before purchasing. Also keeping in mind that the previous packaging had been transparent, we created a clear cut-out in the block shape of the candy on the back of the pack for consumers to be able to recognise and check that it was the same product they were familiar with.


The Fruity Sweets packaging was executed as a part of the larger 'Mapro Signature Series'