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Redesigning the packaging of a delicious tropical jelly candy


Qubes is one of the oldest candy products from Mapro, similar to jujubes and popular amongst consumers. We were tasked with redesigning the packaging to give it a fresher and more premium look to go with the changing contemporary taste of the youth.


Brand Strategy





The packaging for Qubes needed a fresher and more youthful look to appeal to its consumer base so we needed to redesign the packaging to look more premium, while retaining visual elements that are recognisable amongst consumers who already love the brand.


A tropical fantasy candy dreamscape

We established a strong connection between the jelly candy and its outer packaging by focusing on the candy’s bright hues and playful form. The idea was to transport consumers into an alternate fantasy world, a summer-y, tropical bubble of ease. Here, they’d find themselves floating amongst lazy fruit islands, in a sea of fruity goodness, where all perceptions of time and space were lost.

Whimsical, eye catching illustrations

Inspired by the cube shape of the candy, we decided to let our creativity run wild as we played with the shape of fruits. We re-imagined real fruits as though they were compressed into a cube! This made for a playful and unconventional visual.

It’s all about the fruity details

Inspired by the actual textures of real fruits, we recreated all the little dimples, pores, dots and textural qualities using fills and gradients while leaving out lines. In this dreamy, fantasy-like visual, we added characters interacting with the fruits in its idyllic, tropical setting; reimagining the feeling the candy will evoke in consumers when they eat it!

A cube shaped window to see the candy

Based on our consumer research, we learned that customers prefer to see the candy before they purchase it, so we created a transparent window cut out shaped like a cube at the back of the pack through which consumers could peek inside and see what the candy looked like.

An illusionary printing technique

In the illustration for the packaging, the fantastical cube-shaped fruits are shown floating on water. We used a combination of UV and matte finish to distinguish between the wet and dry sections of the fruits, for a unique effect. Water and underwater elements were printed in UV while the leftover 'dry' elements were in matte, thus making it an interesting tactile experience as well.


The Qubes packaging was executed as a part of the larger 'Mapro Signature Series' to connect all the sub-candy brands of Mapro with the mother brand