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All Living Things Film Festival Branding

Conceptualising a film festival for environment & sustainability


The All Living Things Environmental Film Festival began with us, as a community-building platform to showcase up and coming filmmakers and environmentalists. We were with ALT EFF every step of the way, from creating brand strategy and working on social media to crafting unique event design features. Our objective was to make the heavy, hard-hitting nature of the event more accessible, palpable and lively for our audience.


Brand & Identity

Brand Strategy

Social Media

Event Design


Motion Picture

Naming a festival for all living beings

The brand name, ALT EFF, is an acronym for ‘All Living Things Environmental Film Festival’ which acknowledges and encompasses every living thing that exists and advocates for them via the cinematic medium. The first half of the name ‘ALT’, also hints at an ‘alternative’ sustainable lifestyle - which is communicated as the need of the hour.

Nomenclature Evolution

Brand & Identity

The identity of this brand was born to be light-hearted, fun, contemporary and easy to swallow - keeping in mind the dark and drastic future ahead of us, as we move further into the climate crisis while keeping hope alive.

A logo to connect them all

The ALT EFF logo features a paper-cutout style font that is bold yet playful, and a logomark visualised to combine three crucial elements - humanity, the environment and the universe. Three overlapping blobs were used to represent these elements and signify their interconnectedness, with a white, leaf-vein detail running over one of the blobs, delicately binding them together.

A visual language that flows organically

We designed ALT EFFs visual language using two primary graphical elements - solid coloured blobs and organic lines, which are used in varying combinations to create meaningful visuals. The bubbles were added as an additional graphical element, in order to create visual movement and balance out the compositions.


Accolades that stand out!

The ALT EFF accolades were uniquely designed bearing in mind the brand’s playful and pleasant approach. It’s soft curves also pay tribute to small elements of nature: leaves and budding flowers.

ALT-EFF Accolades

Video & Motion Graphics

During the months approaching the festival, a teaser, trailer and preroll were created - keeping the consistency of the brand messaging alive in video format. The motion graphics incorporated the visual language and the videos fused and emphasized upon all three logo elements - humanity, the environment and the universe.

Motion Graphics Teaser
Video Trailer

Building a virtual festival experience

Making use of online platforms such as Zoom and Eventive, we built a virtual film festival experience from the ground up. We branded, marketed and conducted 15 virtual workshops, panel discussions, screenings and the awards ceremony. Dedicated individuals from the spheres of cinema and conservation collaborated to help us create a wholesome and fruitful experience.

Virtual Festival Experience & Organisation Website

Social Media

Each post was hand crafted to promote online events, knowledge sharing, giveaways and more. Naturally, the visual language reflected in each post, making the brand recognisable and successfully creating conversations amidst ALT EFFs growing online community.

Colour coded posts

To maintain consistency in the visual flow of the social media posts and the Instagram grid, posts were colour coded based on their content. Orange for alerts or reminders, yellow and white for general brand related posts, blue for event announcers and green for miscellaneous posting.

Instagram Highlights

Custom highlights were designed and produced for ALT EFFs official Instagram stories, incorporating the brand’s personality, it’s visual language and colour codes!

Event Slider Posts

With an undeniable attention to detail, we took it one step forward when composing the final event slider posts to advertise the opening and closing events scheduled to take place on the first and last days of the festival. We repurposed our base graphical elements - blobs and bubbles - to craft intricate visual imagery that helped communicate what each event was about, and voila!

Impact of the Event

ALT EFF - an entirely virtual experience in its first year - started out with a meagre 59 followers on Instagram and organically grew to hold an audience of about 2,200 people in less than 6 months. Over the course of those same months, ALT EFF received one hundred, absolutely incredible film submissions from several countries around the world. In December 2020, over 300 people bought tickets to watch the films that were selected. ALT EFF also hosted 5 successful pre-festival events and screenings, and 10 engaging talks during the actual festival period, with over 1400 people attending and interacting. Via the medium of film and education, ALT EFF aspires to make on-ground and positive impact on local ecology - and local communities - in the coming years.