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Treety is a Netherlands based organisation that helps start-ups align their goals and practices in line with the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Product Strategy

UX Design


Impact Reporting


NOCT was tasked with innovating a number of technology-led solutions that would enable Treety and their start-up partners to measure, analyse and market their environmental impact.

Referral widget for sustainable brands

NOCT devised an innovative solution to engage customers and promote sustainable practices. How? By turning metrics into real time data and aspirational goals.

The widget we crafted enabled consumers of a Fair Trade Coffee brand in the Netherlands to understand the impact of their patronage - by showing them how their purchase was supporting the life of an actual coffee worker in Ethiopia. By quantifying the consumer’s impact and humanising sustainability, the widget was successful in motivating consumers to continuously engage with the brand and support its sustainability goals. Furthermore, we added a referral option through which consumers could share their impact with their circles and maximise visibility amongst potential customers for the brand.

After the Fair Trade Coffee brand, this widget was customised for two other sustainable brands, a loungewear and an electric vehicle business, to encourage consumers to opt for their environmentally friendly offerings.

An intuitive sustainability reporting platform

The next solution NOCT drew up was a financial impact reporting platform that would help investors track their investments in SDG-led companies.

A dashboard to measure sustainability metrics and investments

NOCT crafted a unique dashboard that helped investors track investments in SDG-aligned companies and compare performance in each of the 17 sustainable development goal areas. Data points including compliance, carbon footprint, gender ratio, education support and more were parameters highlighted in this dashboard.

A glance at this dashboard would help investors gauge how each company was championing sustainability in their day to day operations, by giving it as much importance as their revenues.

Metrics and their relevance to SDGS goals

A customisable formula builder to define and measure sustainability metrics

NOCT crafted an innovative formula builder to enable businesses to measure & define their sustainability metrics and track performance. Using SDGs as a base metric, organisations could define and compute their performance across the 17 SDGs, evaluate real world performance and align the company’s activities with change. The added angle of customisation made this very helpful and versatile, allowing it to be adopted across sectors and fields.

A dashboard to track environmental impact

For the first time in human history, businesses have begun measuring their progress in achieving the sustainable development goals. In the time it takes business to become truly sustainable, it is important for bthem to chart their progress and investors to stay informed of changes.

NOCT created a dynamic visual dashboard that enabled businesses to quantify and track multiple SDG data points and parameters, across time. An insightful widget, this could be embedded in various websites, and displayed to watchful eyes.

Dashboard to visually represent the metrics

Branding and Visual Identity

NOCT crafted Treety’s visual branding and design system that were incorporated at all levels. We chose simple colours, clean fonts and neat styles that would reflect Treety’s ethos and principles, emphasising sustainability, innovation and trustworthiness. We wanted consumers to associate the brand with qualities such as leadership, knowledge, experience and approachability, thus we chose a straight-forward style that drew attention to the matter and kept graphic elements minimal.

Treety Styleguide

The world meets Treety

We designed a clean and crisp website for Treety, where function superseded visuals. Focusing on the information at hand, we used graphic elements only where it was absolutely required and added to the brand story.

The Treety marketing website
Static website screens