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Mapro Signature Packaging Design

Creating signature packaging for multiple confectionery brands


With over 40 products under their belt, Mapro is a household name and one of the leading F&B manufacturers in Western India. From pulpy Faleros to juicy Falchoos to delicious Qubes, Mapro manufactures a wide range of confectionary products. These candy brands are individually well established, unfortunately, many consumers are unaware of the connection with Mapro.


Brand Strategy





Mapro needed to tie all of its candy products together and establish itself as the parent company on their packaging. Our task was to redesign all Mapro candy brand packs with a premium feel and ensure they connected with the Mapro brand. There could be no change in the production line, so we needed to be mindful of the limitations of the machinery used for filling and sealing the packs.

Signature Packs Construction

Making an impression with the Mapro signature

We came up with the idea of incorporating a ‘Mapro Signature’ across all packaging to tie all the confectionary brands together. This signature needed to be prominent and distinct, thus we chose to use the easily recognisable Mapro brand logo but treat it in a unique manner.

A unique identification mark

Our primary challenge while incorporating the signature was ensuring that it could be easily identified without hampering each candy’s branding. The key lay in the treatment of the signature and in standardising all packs in their sizing and overall feel, while retaining individual identities.


One template for all confectionary brands

We created a standardised key line diagram that included the Mapro signature and individual branding, which could be applied to all confectionery pouches at present and in the future. The packaging featured a hole for shopkeepers to hang and display packets conveniently, and the Mapro Signature was positioned such that it would be visible for as long as the pouch was in use.

Flat Keyline Diagram

Highlights of the packaging

We added a few design elements and treatments to make the packaging consumer friendly, visually appealing and instantly recognisable.

Signature packaging for all brands

We completely redesigned the packaging for Falero, Qubes, Fruity Sweets, Sparky and Falchoos. The Coolio, Frubbles and Cafero packaging designs were directed by us but executed by external agencies and designers. In total, 5 pouch designs were redesigned completely and 3 were adapted. In all these redesigns, each candy’s branding was clearly visible while the packaging subtly displayed a large version of the Mapro logo. Now, it was impossible to miss the connection between Mapro and its subsidiaries.

Mapro Signature packs in motion