NOCT | Innovation Jam
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Innovation Jam

An Innovation Jams brings together the right minds to generate a variety of solutions to a specific problem, over the course of a day.

Duration :

6 - 12 hours

Team Size :

20 - 400+ people

What is an Innovation Jam?

At an innovation jam, participants come up with a bank of ideas around a specific topic, over the course of a day. A NOCT facilitator leads the session, conducting exercises and activities to encourage ideation and brainstorming. The goal is to come up with the maximum number of varied ideas and filter and prioritise them.

Why should I host an Innovation Jam?
Short duration session

The purpose is to gather the maximum number of ideas, from a varied group of people, in a single day.

Numerous divergent ideas

Using different ideation tactics and brainstorming exercises, the NOCT facilitator will ensure that participants come up with a multitude of ideas.

Cross-disciplinary participation

Innovation jams bring together participants from diverse backgrounds. Through mutual exchange of thoughts, we see very unique and interesting ideas come to the fore.

Team building

If you’re looking to host a fun yet productive session, an innovation jam is a great way to bring team members together to work towards a common goal.

User centric

No one knows an organisation’s user base better than the team itself. Participants dive into problems by taking in all perspectives, from across departments, to find a variety of solutions to the consumer’s problem.

Why should I host an Innovation Jam?
I’m starting a new business and I need a bank of ideas to kick things off.

An innovation jam will help you pool together a range of ideas from participants of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.

My company’s growth is stagnating. I need new ideas to disrupt the market.

An innovation jams begins with a defined problem area. A NOCT facilitator will help you define this concern and lead the session so participants generate the maximum number of ideas.

We need to identify gaps and pain points from a user’s perspective.

An innovation jam is a user centric day-long session. Through multiple brainstorming and ideation exercises, we will help you understand your customers better and define areas that need to be worked on.

Can an innovation jam help me take my company to the next level?

Yes, absolutely. An innovation jam can help you identify areas within the company that need to be worked on and find solutions to these problems.

What does the session entail?

NOCT facilitators help the jam owner define the problem statement and come up with a list of activities for the day.

Kick off

The NOCT facilitator briefs participants about the problem statement, resources available and the schedule of events.


Participants brainstorm to define and understand the user base. Consumer analysis helps participants gauge who the customer is, what they need and what they want.


Participants redefine the problem statement based on their consumer research and analysis and zero in on the area they will be ideating on.


Under the guidance of the NOCT facilitator, participants brainstorm all possible solutions with the help of a variety of tools and activities.


Participants share their ideas and solutions with the group. Based on the feedback, ideas are either discarded, fine tuned or merged together to create well-defined solutions.


The NOCT facilitator will put together an exhaustive document about the session and the ideas generated to present to the jam owner.

Let’s jam together & crack ideas!