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Design Process:
Branding & Communication
User Experience Design

We build your vision, not just visuals; what we create is a living breathing personality with a voice and mind of its own. We build brands to be believable, consistent and outlast their creators.

Scope & Definition

The first step in the process is to understand the brief and formulate the list of deliverables as per your goals.

Final Brief and Branding Form
Research & Strategy

Developing an overall knowledge of the brand assists with the creation, development, management and strengthening of brands. Analysis is carried out to understand the landscape and develop a launch strategy.

Competitive Analysis & Brand Notes
Concept & Ideation

Ideas and solutions are generated by challenging existing trends, beliefs and thinking outside the box. The most fruitful ideas are then envisioned into different concepts that best fit the brief.

Brand Concept Presentation with logo sketches and brand personality
Brand Identity

Brand identity is formed by assembling the collection of all elements that we create to portray the right image of the brand to its user. We embody the concepts to a final more cohesive identity and develop its persona further.

Brand Concept Presentation with logo, brand identity and visual style.
Brand Collaterals

Ultimately the collaterals specific to your brand are created making sure that the brand persona shines through. The entire brand guidelines are defined and documented ensuring future cohesiveness for your brand.

Brand Collaterals and Brand Guideline Document.