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Crafting a digital gateway for an exclusive boutique-oriented interior design firm


Nestaspaces is a boutique interior design firm based in Mumbai. They offer an array of design services to their clients.


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Tailoring spaces with 7 unique aesthetics

In order for the website portal to stand out, it needed to have a unique offering. Our approach was to build a website that would help clients narrow down on an aesthetic sensibility for their space. This would be especially useful for clients who had yet to make up their minds, and would guide them towards their decision.

After much research, we narrowed down 7 unique aesthetic styles that were comprehensive enough to appeal to a vast majority of the audience and would encompass the vast smorgasbord of interior design.

Harnessing technology to identify the audience’s preferences

We created a short, succinct quiz that would help consumers identify the aesthetic that appealed to their taste. The quiz would reveal which of the seven aesthetic sensibilities was most suitable for the consumer, and help them make decisions to bring them closer to their dream home.

Human connection at the centre of the consumer journey

Creating a space is a very personal choice, and we realised that keeping human connection central to this portal would help consumers feel a connection to the brand. Our aim was to inform consumers that even though their spatial design was derived from one of 7 styles, the journey itself would be highly personalised, as per the client’s individual taste. To do so, we highlighted testimonials, stories and consumer journeys to bring out each buyer’s unique experience.

An SEO based strategy

We wanted Nesta to show up as soon as anyone typed ‘interior design’ on Google. Therefore, SEO played a huge role in the overall website strategy. Supported by insightful research and deft planning, we came to the conclusion that targeting users by location, space and style would help Nesta stand out on Google searches.

Branding and iconography for Nestaspaces

We created a comprehensive brand language for Nesta, including illustrations, iconography, typography and a variety of colour palettes that could be incorporated across web, print and all media.

Our approach for the website design was to strike a balance between premium and inviting. We chose a minimal style and incorporated warm hues and rounded shapes for the visual identity.
Drawing inspiration from the brand’s name, we created an arch that was derived from the shape of the ‘n’ in Nesta. This became one of the key UI elements on the website.

A website designed for mobile users

Today, majority consumers use their mobiles as their daily communication driver as well to search the internet. Thus, it was important for us to build a responsive website that was smooth, fast loading and optimised for mobile. The flow of information, layout, visual elements and interactions were designed to make the website experience truly remarkable on mobile.

Clean code and custom CMS

The client wanted a smooth, secure and functional website that had an easy to manage back-end system, and that’s what we delivered. We built a custom CMS which allowed the client to update the information and media with ease.

The art of delighting users through motion and details

Who doesn’t love delightful animations! To make the user journey more enjoyable and captivating, we added microinteractions on pages. These elements took the website design up a notch, and had users spending more time on the website.