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Packaging baby food with imaginative visuals


Mother Nurture is a range of delicious and nutritious baby food products made with the finest ingredients by a family much like yours. Their recipes are 100% natural and are free from GMO, sugar, preservatives, colour and added flavour.





Baby Food

Mother Nurture - All flavours


Mother Nurture’s previous packaging featured heavily detailed illustrations and the information was unclear. Parents were unable to pinpoint the ‘hero’ ingredient or identify the product’s benefits. Our task was to redesign packaging for 6 baby food flavours with a simple illustration style. Parents are extremely particular about what they’re feeding their children, and we had to ensure that the information was crystal clear.


A brand that can be trusted

Our foremost consideration was to build trust in Mother Nurture and create an image of transparency. We decided to use photographs of ingredients so that parents were clearly informed of what was in the product and going into their child’s body. We chose a child-friendly, imaginative and cheerful illustration style that blended photographs with illustrations, with each flavour’s ‘hero’ ingredient/ingredients standing out.

Distinct narrative for variants

We crafted different imagined narratives around all of the 6 flavour variants, each with its own light-hearted and playful visual.

A dynamic template

For each flavour, the packaging has three faces of content and a fourth with a hole to fit the product. When flattened out, the design reveals a visual narrative starting from the top all the way to the bottom, making the unwrapping experience interactive.

An informative packaging

We’ve used individual colours, illustrations and backgrounds for each variant, for customers to easily distinguish between the flavours, ingredients and the stages. This enables the parents to make informed choices.

Stage 1: 4+ months

A for... | Apple Flavour

We created a dreamy composition of a hot air balloon floating into the sunset with mountains, valleys and farmlands below.

Sweet Pete | Sweet Peas Flavour

We visualised peas as characters in an outdoor amusement park. Amidst green fields and balloons floating in the sky, they are playing together and having a merry time.

Stage 2: 6+ months

Ayples & Banaynays | Apples and Bananas flavour

We turned bananas into ships and imagined apples as fish in blue ocean waters. When unfolded, the packaging appears like a long scene from sunny sky to water, with a singing mermaid.

Baby King Kong’s Pudding | Bananas and Basmati Rice flavour

We made a baby gorilla and reimagined the iconic scene from King Kong, turning the skyscraper into a banana, anchored on a bed of rice. It unfolds as a cityscape with a sky full of rescue helicopters to endless roads with a mini Godzilla.

Stage 3

Tutti Fruti | Pear, Raspberry and Banana flavour

For this flavour, we created a picnic scene in the outdoors with the ingredients as characters lying on a picnic blanket. When the packaging is flattened, we see an idyllic slice of life - from a mole under the ground to an open sky with a rainbow.

Mama’s Secret Recipe | Green Beans, Carrots, Moong Dal & Basmati Rice

For this variant, we visualised a kitchen where a mother is cooking a meal with all the ingredients. When unfolded, the scene begins from a cat lying on a carpet and extends to the kitchen ceiling.