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Building a digital entertainment ecosystem that connects multiple devices


Kaleidescape is a luxury multi-room home entertainment system that allows users to play audio and video content across multiple devices set up with TVs and projectors. Our challenge was to build an intelligent entertainment universe that brings world class cinema experience to people’s homes and enables them to make the most of their home theatre systems.



Mobile App (iOS)

iPad App



Maximise a home theatre’s capabilities with innovative technology

We turned home theatre technology into an intuitive mobile application in order to create an efficient and high quality cinema ecosystem at user’s fingertips. Through this interconnected entertainment network, customers could browse titles and play content across home theatre setups at multiple locations, using a single device. A device that could take control of the user’s home theatre systems, understand their preferences and simplify the process of selecting, purchasing and watching a movie. All in all, the app was built on a keen understanding of audience behaviour combined with path breaking innovation in hardware-software integration.

An app based remote control for hassle-free browsing

We were tasked with incorporating functions of Kaleidescape’s physical remote into the app in order to create a complete ecosystem. A mobile application’s edge is its adaptability and multi-touch functionality, that make the user experience seamless. And not to forget, a mobile phone is much harder to misplace than a remote!

An effortless movie selection experience

We introduced categories such as 'Trending', genre-specific collections, as well as new lists based on trending topics and current events on social networks to help consumers on their search for content to watch. A bold banner placed at the top of the home page displays all new releases and titles curated based on a user’s previous selections.

A smart search engine that helps users find the right title is integral to this ecosystem. Users can filter movies based on specific parameters including rating, titles currently in the library, currently screening and several more options. The search bar also highlights popular lists, for instance 'Trending' and 'New Releases', to help consumers find what they are looking for.

A comprehensive movie detail screen

After brainstorming a list of all the information that is relevant to consumers, we arranged them on the page according to its significance, backed by ample research and deliberation. We also paid great attention to the layout, ensuring that users spent less time scrolling and more reading.

Our research revealed that ratings are commonly used to make watching decisions. The ratings information, which was previously placed at the bottom of the page, was shifted to the top where it was clearly visible.

Users are often looking to discover titles similar to their previous choices. Under each feature’s page, we have listed its genres. Clicking on the genre takes users to a curated selection of titles within the genre.

One tap Checkout

Quick decisions are often the best ones. One of the most crucial changes to the user experience involved significantly reducing the number of steps involved in purchasing a movie. Users could select the movie print quality at the top of the movie title page and go directly to the payment gateway with a single click. By combining multiple steps on a page, we’ve cut the time spent making decisions by half. Placement of the 'Purchase Now' button was an important visual cue as well, it was placed at the most easily accessible spot on the mobile screen.

A website to reach the right customers

The last step in building Kaleidescape’s identity was developing an engaging marketing website for users to discover the brand and its ethos. The Kaleidescape website is true to the brand - a gateway into an unparalleled cinema experience. We created a strong digital presence for Kaleidescape, highlighting its attributes and positioning, in order to evoke a sense of awe in cinephiles and customers.