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Branding a web platform that fosters partnerships between corporates and NGOs


TruCSR is a web based platform that connects corporates with NGOs, enabling them to find the right projects, goals and partners to accomplish their corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives. We needed to create an identity that communicates the brand’s ethos and amplifies their values of authenticity and connection.



Brand & Identity Design



Crafting a unique name

We wanted a straightforward name that asserts the platform’s positivity and honesty. Furthermore, a direct reference to CSR in the name is helpful in establishing a market and stating the organisation’s purpose. Thus, the name ‘TruCSR’ was coined, as a combination of the words ‘True’ and ‘CSR’ to reflect the brand’s commitment to enabling ‘real’ CSR. By dropping the ‘e’ in true, the name reads in a flow, like one single word.

Defining the brand identity

TruCSR fosters connections and helps corporates and NGOs to find the right partner to fulfil their CSR goals in a passionate and truly responsible manner. Thus, we wanted the brand’s visual language to emphasise connection, harmony and cooperation.

A logo that represents true partnership

We envisioned a logomark that graphically represents human interaction with two simple but easily recognisable symbols, an arc and a dot. The dualtone graphic depicts two parties high-fiving one another, as a dynamic and positive representation of the association between corporates and NGOs. The challenge was in the logotype, as the name combines an acronym with a word, which are both read differently. However, we tackled this by styling the letters and differentiating the acronym using capitalisation and dualtone.

Logomark Construction

A personality that exudes trust

TruCSR identifies with the guardian (caregiver) personality archetype, embodying the innate capacity to nurture and protect. The brand has a strong sense of ethics, competency and trustworthiness, while steering clear of anything exploitative or inauthentic. Armed with a rational mind and grounded persona, TruCSR aims to build solid relationships and to do good together with corporates and NGOs.

A well-meaning brand voice

Honest | Helpful | Grounded

We envisioned TruCSR as a well-meaning counsellor who guides people in a manner that is uplifting and empowering. The brand’s voice is pleasant and emanates truthfulness, motivating people to invest responsibly and ethically.

Visual Language

Human connection

Inspired by the essence of the brand, we developed a visual style to represent the virtues of human connection. TruCSR mobilises people to create maximum impact, thus the visual language too needed to denote this symbiotic relationship. Starting from the logo mark, all of the brand’s visual elements explore human connection and we extended the very same brand elements of the arc and dot, to create an entire universe of icons, illustrations and compositions that convey ideas, intentions and actions.

Positive imagery to reflect brand impact

For TruCSR’s imagery and visual story, we went with an uplighting, empowering and hopeful feel. Photos are a very important aspect in the brand’s visual scape, and we carefully selected those with an aura of optimism. We opted to work with photos instead of illustrations to give a real world essence when depicting TruCSR’s work.

We layered graphic elements, derived from the logo mark, on photos to create dynamic compositions that amplify TruCSR’s profound vision.

Extending brand identity with visual play

TruCSR’s message was brought to life with a simple style using flat designs and solid coloured geometric elements. With the help of visual elements such as dual tone colouring, bold colours, soft lines and rounded edges, we created a visual language that appeared outspoken, honest and hopeful.

Collaterals representing the brand

Visiting Card
ID Card
Letterhead and Envelope
Brand Guideline