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Inox Wind Advertisement

Creating an ad for wind energy, the fuel of the future


INOX Wind is one of India’s leading wind energy solutions providers, and a part of the reputed Inox Group. Ahead of their IPO, Inox Wind wanted to release an advertisement at INOX theatres across the country showcasing the vast potential of wind energy, to establish their presence in the category and to announce their IPO.



Video & Communication



Inox Wind advertisement storyboard

A straightforward and relatable ad for the masses

To establish INOX Wind as a safe and credible investment, our task was to break the widely held notion that alternative energy is inconvenient and less effective than conventional energy sources. Moreover, we needed to assert that wind power was the future of energy. Another crucial factor was the ad’s placement. As this ad was going to be played at INOX Theatres, we kept a diverse audience in mind and, accordingly, made it simple and relatable, and not overtly technical.

The Inox Wind Advertisement

The power of wind to power your dreams

In our concept, a child harnesses wind energy to power his self created world. When young Rahul refuses to sleep, his mother pulls the plug and his toy city switches off. Undeterred, Rahul powers a wind turbine with his breath and brings his city back to life. This analogy of creativity, innovation and exploration showcases the massive potential of wind energy to power our future, where, coming generations can rely on unconventional energy sources to fuel their dreams and ambition.

The Dream City - a set within a set

One of the key visuals in this ad is Rahul’s miniature city. We amped up our imagination and creativity to create this dream city with buildings, a ferris wheel, a tunnel, trees and even a toy train. We paid close attention to detail to make the set realistic and striking, incorporating windows, roofs, balconies, roads with painted dividers and streetlights. The dream city was designed to encapsulate all of Rahul’s creativity, and allude to a futuristic world.

Child's play - the simplest way to explain wind energy

Using the dream city as a backdrop, we had fun with the concept of ‘child’s play’ in order to bring out that wind energy is a fuss-free and straightforward approach to energy production.

The ad is replete with cues to childhood, imagination, a dream world and most importantly, the future. We kept the visuals and sound design light-hearted and enjoyable, so that people from all walks of life could understand and connect with it.

Imaginative Play
Transformative Play

Production Stills

The team meticulously crafted each element that you see in the toy city set, and our child actor immersed himself in the world completely. Here’s a look at the behind-the-scenes action.