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Crafting the marketing website for the trailblazers of the future of power


Polaris, previously Grampower, is transforming India's power infrastructure with comprehensive distribution and management systems. Their services cater to diverse audiences, including real estate developers, co-living space owners, and hospitality businesses in the private sector, as well as DISCOMs in the public sector. Through cutting-edge technology, Polaris digitises and automates electricity metering, billing, and collection processes while combating wastage and theft. The solutions empower end-users with transparent usage data, enabling better decision-making and control over their energy consumption.


User Experience Design

Content Strategy




Following an intensive ground-up rebranding led by NOCT, we were tasked with creating a marketing website for the new brand. Given the diverse target audience and extensive range of services, our approach focused on crafting a content strategy and visual style that resonated with each distinct group. We aimed to effectively communicate the ethos of the new brand while aligning with the unique goals of each target demographic.

Setting the contextual landscape to organise the information

After extensive discussions with stakeholders, we gained insights into the advanced smart metering systems industry and Polaris' diverse array of modular services. Informed by this understanding, we developed a concise content strategy and information architecture.

Seamlessly transitioning into Polaris’ new identity

Polaris underwent an exciting evolution into a new brand identity which now reflects in all their marketing and business collaterals. To facilitate a seamless transition from the previous brand, Grampower, to Polaris, we implemented an intermediary landing page for a soft launch while the final website was under development. This approach allowed for a gradual introduction of the new brand to stakeholders and users.

A content-first approach to design

Given the need to simplify Polaris' complex offerings for diverse audiences (with varying levels of understanding of smart metering infrastructure), we employed a content-first strategy to structure the website. This approach helped meet the unique requirements of all segments of the target audience.

Tailoring information for specific user personas

Taking into account the varying requirements and use cases for the same products across different personas, we customised the each page by adjusting the tone of voice and product technicality ranging from a friendly approach for the private sector novice users to a more formal and knowledgeable tone for the expert government sector users.

Using the flow of headings to create the story of each page

We highlighted Polaris’ brand identity and ethos through the story created across pages through the flow of the headings, especially in the pages geared towards describing the company’s culture and beliefs.

Communicating complicated offerings through simple visualisations

Recognising the complexity of the technical products and services in Polaris’ solution stack, we distilled them into easily understandable animations and visuals.

Content and visuals to highlight the core tenets of the brand personality

In transitioning from Grampower to Polaris, the primary objectives were to position the rapidly expanding company as an industry pioneer, showcase the scale of operations, and instil a sense of trustworthiness. We reflected these fundamental brand values through meticulous attention to detail in content, design, and micro-interactions.

Highlighting the scale of operations and impact by displaying the right statistics across the website

We hand-picked each statistic throughout the website to ensure they resonate with the specific users on each page.

Giving a sense of larger-than-life impact through grand imagery and micro-interactions

We defined guidelines about how imagery was selected and used across the website to convey grandiosity and impart the impression of large-scale solutions. The micro-interactions were also created to create a sense of grandiose by zooming out into a larger image on hover.

Positioning Polaris as a thought leader in the industry by highlighting blogs, articles, and research material

By highlighting case studies, blogs, and research materials, we elevated Polaris' standing as a thought leader and industry pioneer.

Establishing credibility with the use of case studies to support statements

We supported all claims and features with relevant case studies, articles, and blog posts across every page to substantiate credibility beyond statements and to showcase real-life experiences.

Conveying the brand ethos through bold, and powerful statements

We carefully crafted content with bold and powerful statements to bring out the inspiring and innovative aspects of Polaris’ brand identity.

The flow of power visualised through brand elements

We put extensive thought into the branding elements to show the abstract nature of power. The brand language and experience was carried into the website design through various graphical and motion elements.

Dynamic light streaks to express movement in power

The flow of power are visualised through light streaks in backgrounds, buttons and interactions across the website.

Glows to create a sense of electric charge; translucency and blurs to depict the intangibility of power

The abstract and intangible nature of power is captured in subtle visual elements across all UI elements and interactions.

Defined levels of complexity in visual elements for contextual usage

We created a custom icon set and illustrations for the Polaris website using the elements of translucency, glow, and blur defined in the branding process.

Effective representation of product functionality with simplified UI style

As Grampower transitions into Polaris, the entire ecosystem of products will adapt to the new branding. To facilitate this process and maintain a seamless experience on the website, we simplified Polaris’ current app screens and the complex user flows to create representational UI that matches the new brand.


Website experience optimised for all screen sizes

We optimised the website for all screen sizes to ensure a smooth experience on all devices with the layouts, interactions, and visual elements crafted in an adaptive way while keeping the code as clean as possible without compromising on the user’s experience.