Touch me Not

This is a prototype for an interactive flower that reacts to touch by opening and closing, much like the ‘touch-me-not’ plant.

Client: Self Initiated Project
Area of Exploration: Arduino, Interactive Textiles

The Concept

Nature is the greatest design- everything we create is inspired by something that exists around us. With the trend of urbanisation, there is an increasing disconnect between humans and nature, causing a lack of concern and empathy towards the environment. Interactivity is primal and important to build any relationship- there are a few species of plants and flowers that physically and instantly react to us, which help build a stronger connection between us and nature. Thus, the goal of this installation is to rebuild and remind humans of their connection with nature through interactivity.


Modeled on the Pudica Mimosa, or the “Touch-me-not” plant whose leaves fold instantly when touched; this flower reacts to physical contact by opening and closing when the contact is gone. It was created with textiles, pins, paper and plastic parts. The physical mechanism uses a servo, string, rubber ball and pins for the lever system and an arduino to bring them to life. This project required some basic but creative coding for the arduino to make all the processes work.

Going Forward

This prototype could be taken forward on a larger scale to create an entire field of flowers which would also create the feeling of awe one experiences with breathtaking natural phenomena. It could also include additional interactivity in the form of light, smell and other tactile reactions.