The Karvi Festival

The Karvi Festival 2016 was a celebration of the gregarious blooming of the purple Karvi flower that happens once in every 8 years. The aim was to bring about environmental awareness and conservation through music, art and the outdoors, with this unique phenomenon as a metaphor.


Logo & Identity

The idea was to create a brand for a community of people who have love and respect for nature and simply want to celebrate its awe-inspiring phenomenae. The brand identity needed to be visually connected to nature and give a sense of celebration and community.

“In this world of man made differences, what could be the ideology of a flower? Nothing but to be true to the moment and open the heart to its own calling.”

Visual Style

Marketing & Media

The brand voice is warm, environment-friendly and inclusive. The aim is to facilitate awareness and conversation about environment and conservation and promote the connection between humans and nature. This is evident in all communication by the brand and the collaterals have been designed with this in mind. The only means of marketing was through social media (only Facebook) and word of mouth, owing to the limited passes and non-commercial nature of the festival. A kit was given to all festival goers, which had an informative botanical poster of the Karvi plant, the event schedule and an illustrated map of Panchgani with venues, landmarks and recommended places for stay marked out.

Spatial Design

Converting the visual design from a screen or a flat sheet of paper to a 3D space requires the creation of an atmosphere using elements that are visual, auditory and tactile. The venue for the music event at the festival was a natural cave on the edge of the iconic Table Land in Panchgani. The venue had it’s own natural charm which we groomed to create an ambience that was festive, yet visually minimal. The hero element in the space was the three-dimensional logo hung emphatically over a pool of water (by the stage), to mimic the moon, and simple white paper lanterns suspended from the ceiling in a calculated organic wave.

Teaser Video

The teaser video was all about the feeling of being amidst nature, using footage of Panchgani shot by us over several years. The video was designed to evoke the instinctive emotional longing for natural surroundings in the viewers, which most of them lack in the daily grind of their city lives.