Shareconomy Branding

Shareconomy is a web based platform that connects industrial capacity owners with potential capacity seekers in order to bridge the gap in industrial capacity utilisation.

Client: Shareconomy
Services: Branding & Marketing, Film & Animation

Brand Creation

Brand Shareconomy was born from a background of research over a year. Being a novel concept, the identity needed to be simple enough to be remembered, familiar enough to be recognisable and relatable to the manufacturing industry. Three main factors were focused on to cement the brand- the brand colour, the symbol and the voice.

Shareconomy Logo GIF

Brand Attributes :    Reliable   |    Collaborative    |    Efficient

The Logo

After several iterations, we decided on a unique symbol for Shareconomy which combines the universally recognised “share” symbol with industrial piston connecting rods. A web-friendly font was selected to go with it, with simple curved geometric lettering.

Visual Identity

We adopted flat design and a minimal geometric vector graphics for the brand’s visual identity, to complement the logoform and colour selection; visibly seen in the illustrations, icons and other collaterals. The symbol is familiar and easy to remember, and in combination with the brand blue, cements the visual identity of the brand.



For the initial marketing creatives, familiarity played a big role in most design decisions, in order to make the brand recognisable and trustworthy. The obvious and repeated use of the primary brand colour in all communication was strategically done in order to create the unmistakable association of the colour with the brand.

Brand Voice

Explainer Video

Being a new concept, Shareconomy required an introduction, so we scripted an easy to understand animated video to show how it works. The artwork was created strictly as per the brand identity, with the minimal brand colour palette and simple geometric forms. This was primarily used on the website for any new user to understand it effortlessly.