Mapro : The Chocolate Story

Mapro Foods is one of the largest fruit processors in India, famous for their strawberry products. In 2010 they launched their couverture chocolate brand Mazaana, which makes high quality fine chocolates in several innovative forms.

Client: Mapro Foods
Services: Advertising, Film, Video

The Brief

Though Mapro is an established household name, their chocolate brand Mazaana was comparitively newer and lesser known at the time. The idea was to create a short film as part of the “Mapro Story” series showcasing how Mazaana makes its fine couverture chocolates, in order to educate the consumer on the process behind making good chocolate and introduce him to the brand.

Visual Treat

The allure of chocolate is apparent in itself- merely looking at it can evoke the taste of it in your mouth and the emotion of it in your heart! We decided to focus on bringing forth the associations one has with chocolate in this film and tantalise the viewer’s tastebuds with delicious imagery. The process description was kept to a simple and minimal level so that it was easy to understand for a layman and catered to a short attention span.

Production Stills