Mapro Story

Mapro Foods is one of the largest fruit processors in India, located around the idyllic hill town of Panchgani; the strawberry capital of the country. Their ethos is to create quality products with value-for-money, wholesomenes and innovation.

Client: Mapro Foods
Services: Advertising, Film, Video

The Brief

The task was to make a film on the history of Mapro, from its inception till present day. The key was to figure out how to tell the story of the brand with all the facts and information without boring the viewer. What would make a customer interested in knowing about the company? We did some research of our own to gain insights on what consumers thought of the brand and what they associated with it, in order to find the answer.

Research & Ideation

Studying the patterns in user uploaded imagery associated with Mapro on social media, showed us what the typical consumer feels about the brand. Most posts were of images taken at Mapro Garden while on holiday in Panchgani and the common associations were “fun”, “friends & family”, “nature” and “strawberries”.
Overall, consumers seemed to find the brand approachable, friendly and trustworthy. Due to its association with Panchgani, and the greenery at Mapro Garden, they tended to believe any food associated with Mapro is fresh and hygienic and associate it with a good time.

Storytelling Approach

In the end, our solution was simple: narrate the story straight from the horse’s mouth. The narrative was scripted from the perspective of the founder of Mapro, to humanise the brand by telling consumers the story of a man and his family rather than the company, which was not so different from the story of their own lives. The story was not about the exceptional, but the normal and relatable. They could now empathise with the character, cry or smile with him, as if it was their own life.

Visual Style

Though the story was written linearly, the visuals ran in several timelines, including the past and present and included a mix of animation and live action. The visuals were shot and edited to evoke a mood and feeling of nostalgia and create windows into the past. At the end of the film, we even showed pictures from the founder’s family album, adding faces to the characters, whose memories were just like any of the families watching the film.

Production Stills