Kunga is an innovative multitasking machine with various changeable attachments and several applications- the first of its kind to be made in India.

Client: Polymath Works Pvt. Ltd.
Services: Branding & Marketing

The Brand

Branding Kunga was exciting- it went beyond the paper or the screen and had to translate into the product itself. It needed have to have the appeal of a consumer product and the application of a business product.

Brand Attributes :      Compact  |  Multi-purpose  |  Efficient | Strong

“The purpose creates the machine”

Logo & Identity

Multitasking being the primary USP of the product, we created a simple type-based logo to demonstrate it visually, also taking into account the notable shape of the machine. We formulated the custom Kunga Green and Kunga Grey with automotive paint, since it’s primary use was on the machine itself. Kunga Green has citrus accents which exude a youthful energy, making the machine stand out from a distance.

Stationary and Brochure

The Machine

We wanted to keep the branding on the machine obvious but minimal. The brand colour primarily stood out but the entire front of the machine, which is the prime spot for visibility was covered by a grill, so we designed a custom grill with the logo to reflect the branding and serve the purpose of heat dissipation as well. We also created a custom set of stickers for the machine control panel and warnings.

Custom Grill

Custom Colour Creation

Custom Safety Instruction Stickers