Inox Wind

Inox Wind is a player in the wind energy market that provides turnkey solutions for wind farm projects in India. Inox Wind came to us with the task of creating an advertisement that cleverly explained what they do and highlighted ‘wind energy’ in order for their brand presence to grow in time for its IPO launch in March 2018.

Client: Inox Wind
Services: Advertising, Film, Video

The Brief

Inox Wind came to us to create an advertisement for its IPO launch in March 2015. It had to cleverly explain what they do, highlight ‘wind energy’ and cement their brand presence in time. A large chunk of the budget and time had already been spent in creating something they were not satisfied with, so there were only 2 weeks to script, shoot and edit a new one. It was challenging as a first advertisement for us, but we were excited to take it up and create something interesting, as we wanted to promote and support the use of wind and other renewable energy sources.

Research & Ideation

Our brief but concentrated research began with identifying what we wanted to say about wind energy. A common notion that people have is that alternative energies like wind and solar are ineffective and inconvenient. With this in mind, we decided it was important to display a sense of ease and efficiency for wind energy to break that image and indirectly build a positive brand image. We wanted to show people the power of wind and how great the world could be with it, whilst employing elements of imagination and fun.

The Concept

A child was used as the main protagonist to artfully portray wind energy as “the future”. Also seeing that even a child can power his city with the wind substantiates its ease and convenience. When the mother who controls the regular power turns it off, we see that the child (future generation) is no longer dependent on it and can still have fun without it.​ ​This signifies that the future is here and we no longer need traditional energy forms to power our lives to live happily and sustainability. It gives credibility to wind energy and through the child’s toy city we envision a future where our cities can be run by the power of wind.

Set Design

The toy city was the hero of the shoot, and creating the set of the city was a major task that required a whole lot of time and energy. It has to be cost-effective, translucent for light to pass through so it could be lit up, easy to move around and had to look colourful and beautiful. A couple of local artists were brought on board for the task of cutting, pasting and creating what would become the setting for a child’s dream city. There was close attention to detail in the small features of the city- each and every building was unique, it had different kinds of windows, roofs, balconies, sometimes grills, the roads had painted dividers, trees, benches, ladders, streetlights that actually lit, etc. The major attractions were the running ferris wheel, the colourful tunnel and of course, the toy train moving through the city. It took about a week to create the entire set and light it up!


The advertisement had to be shot in a single day in an existing home in Panchgani due to constraints of time, budget, availability of the actor and crew members.The child who played the lead role was a local non-actor, with whome we had a week-long workshop before the shoot, practicing for the shoot and most importantly, getting comfortable with the director. Recurring powercuts required a generator had to be hired from the closest town, 11 km away and the crew and equipments were transported from Mumbai in the morning and taken back the same day.

We used the unique technique of projection mapping to create colourful moving visuals on the buildings for the shot with the view of the city from the train. The idea was to trigger the viewers’ imagination and transport them onto the train, inside the wind-powered city.

“Imagine a world where all you need is
some wind to power your life. ”