Conductive Orchestra

This is an interactive installation which enables a viewer to literally create music out of thin air. A user can control different layers of a music track by pointing at suspended shapes.

Client: Self Initiated Project
Area of Exploration: 3D Projection Mapping, Gestural Interaction
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The Concept

Conductive Orchestra creates a novel user experience to compose or conduct music. It makes music production a more intuitive process, and also more fun to watch someone do or perform. A Kinect sensor, projector, and thermocol shapes were used to create the physical components and implemented using Processing and Mad Mapper. The end product is a 3D mapped vertical screen bearing an array of shapes, each of which represents one element of the musical composition. Gesturing over a shape triggers it to jump in time with the rest of the parts, enabling the user to turn on and off different shapes and effectively control and compose the music.

Going Forward

Conductive Orchestra can be used very effectively for live VJing and music composition for an audience, as it can essentially replace a console. An interesting and intuitive way of music layering, the theatrical nature of the installation creates an audiovisual treat for a viewer enabling a music producer to take the stage with nothing in his hands.