3P Branding

3P Group is a diversified group extending its expertise in the verticals of Project Management, Process Management and Product Development, with its respective subsidiaries- 3P Solutions, Raghuleela Innovative Technology Center and Matrix Process Equipment & Automation.

Client: 3P Group
Website: 3pgroup.in
Services: Branding

The Brief

Triple Pee came to us with a problem- they had three different companies in the business of food industry consultation which were inter-connected but had completely different identities. We needed to brand them to visually look like a part of the same group and lend flexibility for the creation of any future subsidiaries. Thus, 3P Group was born.

Logo & Symbol

After exploring many routes in group branding, we decided to create a very simple symbol that would be common for all companies under the group, with the subsidiaries being distinguished through colour. The logo symbol needed to have a minimal form so the viewer would notice the company name and colour. The font was selected to convey the tone of a modern corporate with experience and sophistication.

Visual Identity & Collaterals

3P required a strong visual identity to maintain consistency between the subsidiaries, yet distinguish them from each other. We selected design elements that are complementary to the logo symbol to maintain cohesiveness. Circles, rounded squares and rectangles are the elements used for graphics and image containers, avoiding any sharp edges.

Brand Voice